Saturday Panel

- Panels will be held in Screen 2 of Movies@Dundrum.

- Panel attendance will be limited to 95 seats for safety reasons.

- Tickets for the panels will be available ONE HOUR BEFORE at a designated table inside the venue.

- You can't get tickets for other panels ahead of time, only for the ones in one hour's time.

- Tickets for the panels are free but reserved for paying attendees of DICE.

- All panels will be filmed and be put online for free courtesy of SNACKBOX FILMS.

Saturday Panel
Time Panel Guests
11:00 The New Irish Storytellers Tommie Kelly with Paul Bolger, Dave Hendrick/Luca Pizarri, Tomm Moore and Phil Barrett.
12:00 Breaking Into Comics Will Sliney with Ellie Pyle, Ruth Redmond, Rebekah Isaacs, Kate Leth and Mark Doyle.
13:00 Business of Comics John Hendrick with Alison Sampson, Becky Cloonan, Stephen Mooney, Emma Vieceli and Michael Molcher.
14:00 Marvel Panel Jeanine Schaefer with Will Sliney, Ellie Pyle, Gerry Duggan, Kieron Gillen and Si Spurrier.
15:00 Writing Comics Aaron Fever with Gerry Duggan, Maura McHugh, Si Spurrier, Kate Leth and Nick Roche.
16:00 Image Panel John Hendrick with Mike Norton, Jordie Bellaire, Jamie McKelvie, Declan Shalvey and Becky Cloonan.

Sunday Panel
Time Panel Guests
11:00 European Influence In American Comics Chris Thompson with Goran Parlov, Emma Rios, David Lafuente, Alison Sampson and Clint Langley.
12:00 2000AD Panel Michael Molcher with Clint Langley, Mike Carroll, PJ Holden and Si Parr.
13:00 Wicked + The Divine Panel Chris Thompson with Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie.
14:00 Comics Are For Everybody! Aaron Fever with Jordie Bellaire, Kieron Gillen, Kate Leth, Maura McHugh and Declan Shalvey.
15:00 Drawing Comics Declan Shalvey with Tom Fowler, Emma Rios, Goran Parlov, David Lafuente and Rebekah Isaacs.
16:00 Batman Panel John Hendrick with Mark Doyle, Becky Cloonan, Stephen Mooney and Gerry Duggan.